Make it a Habit

Today I ate a donut for breakfast, but that’s not why I worked out. Getting your sweat on shouldn’t be a reaction, or a one-time-thing. Instead, it’s gotta become part of your regular schedule.

Here are a few easy steps to get your foot in the door:

Flexin’, because somebody with a camera told me to. 🙂

1. Find your motivation – A wedding, a vacation, a healthier lifestyle, confidence booster, getting toned, losing weight, New Years resolution! Whatever it is, make sure that you know what is driving you. But once that immediate need has passed, keep going with the workouts. You’ll thank yourself later!

2. Find your space – Not everybody is a runner, not everybody belongs to a gym. Yoga can get pricey, and sometimes joining a coed sports league isn’t really a very good workout at all (I’ve shotgunned many beers before rounding the bases). But there are plenty of ways to get a regular workout for really cheap, or even for free. I’ll talk more about this in some of my upcoming posts. But if you’re into running, check out what Paige has been up to!

Catch the sunrise, it’s worth it.

3. Find your time of day – For me, waking up and getting my day started with a good workout is ideal. I’ve got a ton of energy in the mornings, and then I’ve got my workout out of the way before the day even begins. It isn’t easy to get into the habit of waking up early enough to squeeze it in before work, but like most things, it will get easier day-by-day. *Added bonus, waking up early makes for amazing sunrises. Not a morning person? Start packing your workout clothes and get after it directly after work. If you avoid going home first, you’re more likely to stick to the game plan! The key to afternoon workouts is to eat enough calories throughout the day, that way you’ve got energy at the end of the day to get you through.

4. Warning – Routine is good. Obsession is bad. Missing a day could bum you out, but listen to your body. Missing a day might be what you need. I aim to get 5 good days of working out a week. That leaves time for a break, and for me, a little extra sleep.

5. Voilà – Now, all that is left is to keep at it. Like I said, each day will get easier and soon working out will be a habit.

3 thoughts on “Make it a Habit

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  2. Love this post, Becca!!!! 🙂 i agree completely too, i go on my way home from work for lifting and off/cardio days! If i wait until after i get home chances are i won’t go later!!

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