Have you seen the Nike shirt that says “NOT RUNNING SUCKS”? 100% true. I am currently sidelined for a few days and it is killing me. Tuesday morning, 5:45am, mile repeats on deck, right shin did not get the memo. What is up with Tuesdays? They loathe me. Anyways, it looks like I have some form of shin splints. I have been instructed to avoid the impact running puts on my body so I went to spin class last night. It was an awesome class, I’m talking DMX, NSYNC and Ja Rule. Basically a dream. It still didn’t do it for me! DMX didn’t do it for me, how is that possible? It’s just not the same.


As awful as I am feeling after not running much the past three days I am seeing a few positives.

  1. I miss running after like, A DAY. I know that is very hard for you non-runners to understand, but it is awesome to be so delighted for my next long run.
  1. I will come back stronger and smarter. I am way more conscious and aware of the little things I need to do to stay healthy. Stretch, lift, warm-up, foam roll, cool down, etc.
  1. I have time to focus on the long term. Like I’ve said before, it is easy to get caught up in the short term when training is 18 weeks long. I can’t do that while I am injured because I will literally rip my hair out.
  1. I am forced to clean up my diet. I can’t run as much, so naturally I can’t get away with eating some of the junk I have been the last few weeks. Au revoir sweets and cheese.
  1.  It could be WAY worse. There are much bigger issues in life and if this is my biggest hurdle the next few months I am one lucky gal.

To keep everyone going, here are my latest go to power songs. Enjoy!

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