Becca Payne

Hey there! My name is Becca. Here are 4 things to know about me:

1. I’m a #VailBaby and a #ColoradoNative.

2. I’ve got the greatest family in the entire world, and I am the proud god mother of the one and only #FuzzyDuck!

3. My best friend is a pit bull named Annie. She rescued me 11 years ago, and has been my one constant for a very long time.

4. My interests are pretty extensive. But I’d rather spend a day on my feet, in the great outdoors, than doing pretty much anything else in the world. Except maybe sleeping. Mmm, love me some naps.

Well, I’m looking forward to sharing some thoughts and workouts with you fine people.

Feedback is welcome, hit me up anytime on Instagram and Twitter