I’ve got Soul but I’m not a Soldier

Oh man, doesn’t that title take you back to 2004? Memories…

ANYWAY! I’m not here to discuss The Killers. I’m here to talk SoulCycle. I was recently invited to a blogger event at SoulCycle by my incredibly talented and beautiful friend Erin (BTW if you want amazing DIY ideas, top-notch fashion tips and delicious recipes, you should be following her here: Currently Coveting). I’ve previously not been a huge fan of spin classes. I love riding my bike, but I’ve struggled to enjoy class.

But this time, class was a blast! Abby, our fearless instructor, had a killer playlist. It was a 45-minute dance party that left my body feeling detoxed and my legs on fire!

If you haven’t been to SoulCycle yet, read a bit more about what makes them different from your average spin studio. Here’s what I enjoyed most:

  • Jams: I LOVE music. All kinds. Country, pop, rap, alternative rock. You name it. I love it. This class featured some of my pop faves: Beyoncé, Bieber, Gaga.
  • Dark + Hot: The studio is dark, lit only by candles which gives my competitive side a chance to relax and focus on myself, as opposed to all the riders around me. It’s also pretty warm in there and only get’s steamier as the class goes on. Mmmmm sweat it out!
  • DBs: I have scrawny little arms. So bringing dumbbells and a short arm session to the end of class is amazing. I didn’t just rock my legs and core, I felt that burn in my arms as well.

So if you haven’t yet, find a SoulCycle near you and give it a spin!

PS – I’ve been doing brand ambassador work for a line of compression apparel called Second Skin (more to come on the gear at another time). The tights were PERFECT for the sweaty sweaty class.


Riding a Bike is not like Riding a Bike

On Saturday, I took my new road bike out for the first time. Today, I fell off my new road bike for the first time. Back in May of this year, I completed a century ride with my Dad, other than testing out the bike I borrowed for about 15 miles the weekend before, the 108-mile ride from Babylon, Long Island to Montauk was the first time I road a bike outside in 3+ years. Bike Shoes

I borrowed my mom’s friend’s bike, wore indoor soccer cleats because the pedals only had straps, and said “here goes nothing”.

Mile 1-25: My legs were dying, and I was confused why everyone else was just cruising. Then, I started playing with the gears a bit more and realized I had been on the toughest gear the whole time.

Miles 25-50: I was reading every Welcome to X Town Sign trying to figure you ifI knew anyone who lived near by and could pick me up. Also, it was absolutely freezing and pouring rain.

Mile 50-75: Straight chillin’. Got my second wind.

Mile 75-108: Complete Euphoria.

I was hooked. So, naturally, I got a badass bike. I call it the Dark Knight. I rode it for the first time with cycle shoes and all Saturday morning with my Dad– a pretty seasoned rider at this point.

I practiced clipping in and unclipping in the parking lot. I was pumped and ready.

“You ready to go?” asked my Dad.

“Yeah, let’s….” and over I went. I tried to clip in too soon and just tipped right over, landing on my left hip, bracing myself with my left hand, and getting sandwiched between the pavement and the bike. This, I remind you, was in the parking lot before the ride even started, seriously discrediting the phrase, “it’s just like riding a bike.”Ice

Then I rode 20 miles with my kick-ass Dad on some pretty tough hills. Now, I am icing my hand and mourning the loss of burpees and pushups from my life for a week or two.

All for now you fitness beauties…

– MB

Summer Spin Favorites

As a Spin instructor and all around music lover, I am a firm believer that a playlist can make or break your workout. So, I want to invite you all into my world of music. I will post all of my playlists here. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc, shout at me on Twitter: @mollybruh or drop me a comment below! Spin Ride details: Mix of Endurance, Strength and Speed. Endurance: Keeping the same pace for extended period of time. The better your aerobic base, the better the rest of your ride will be! Strength: Includes hills and jumps. Speed: Flat road to moderate resistance, all out sprints. I hope you enjoy the tunes! Warm up: House Party: Sam Hunt Workout: Work This Body: Walk the Moon Are You Gonna be my Girl: Jet Booty: JLo, ft. Pit Bull Verge: Owl City ft. Aloe Blacc Waiting For Love: Avicii Jump: Kris Kross Fight Song: Rachel Platten King of Africa: Douster Whistle While You Work It: Katy Tiz Geronimo: Sheppard Runaway Baby: Bruno Mars It Girl: Jason Derulo Go Big or Go Home: American Authors Honey, I’m Good: Andy Grammar Cool down: Good For You: Selena Gomez Who You Are: Jessie J

Torque Down for WHAT!

Week one of training is off to a great start & my life is officially hijacked by BQ (Boston Qualifier) training.

Monday – 3 miles / 5×10 lunges and squats

I am not sure the last time I ran 3 miles. WHAT. I have to say, it is super nice to get in a quick 24 min work out and retire to my couch for the Bachelorette watch party!

Tuesday – 5 miles

I gracefully melted into a giant puddle on Capitol Hill Tuesday. I was able to finish with a 7’53” pace but it was brutal. D.C. weather has been pretty bearable for my runs thus far, until this week. I think it is important for all of us to remember that in extreme heat it is OK/normal to run slower. Also, if you don’t use nuun tablets I HIGHLY recommend them. These tablets do wonders & can change your life.

Also, if you did not know…the more hydrated you are the less you have runners trots. I went there. Enough said, drink water.

Wednesday – 3 miles


I’ve had some reoccurring demons in my hip and groin since my last race in October, never enough to make me stop running, enough to make me question my health. I finally decided to have it checked out by a professional, not WedMd. I think I was putting it off due to fear? I often use this same method of thinking when checking my bank account. If you don’t look it is basically a non-issue! Right? Guilty.

I heard wonderful things about United Wellness Center so I opted to go there and see a Chiropractor. The doctor diagnosed my issue and worked on it for 30 minutes. I left feeling amazing and free of pain. The man was a wizard. More information on the type of treatment, ART, he fixed me with.

I am going to explain the issue in very simple terms because it is complicated.

Basically, I am having issues with my hip flexors and abductor muscles, derived from hip extension movement. The majority of the power in your stride comes from your hamstrings when driving your entire leg backwards. This is your hip extension.

Hip Extension Process: 

Foot hits ground

Leg drives backwards/beneath you

Foot hits ground again and motion ends

The power in this motion comes primarily from your hamstrings and this strength is the main factor for running faster. Most people have stronger quads than hamstrings. Finding that balance is key.

End point – I need stronger hamstrings but I am OK and this is not a major concern. PHEW.

Thursday – Flywheel


If you haven’t taken Flywheel it is 100% worth a try. This place is amazing and great for those that cannot do the whole SoulCycle do as you feel kumbaya-ish workout. Flywheel is based on numbers and the instructors do a great job of telling you exactly how much resistance (torque) and RPMs you should be working with throughout each song. I always leave knowing I got my moneys worth.

>> Sums up my thoughts on SoulCycle: http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2013/12/30/soulcycle_fatigue_the_exercise_craze_jumped_the_shark_in_2013.html

There is also a live Torque Board that calculates your RPMs and Torque to give you a Total Power score. The Torque Board is live and shows you where you stand in the class. I lose to my boyfriend every time and it is so upsetting. I workout much more than him and his legs are still stronger. Life is not fair.

**Don’t worry, you don’t have to participate in the Torque Board but it is a nice option for those that are super competitive.

Lastly, you can access more information online or via their App. It is a great resource to help you analyze each workout.



Do you like LaCroix like moi? Might be testing a few of these tonight!

Amy’s has a drive thru now!

Weekend Miles –

Friday – OFF

Saturday – 10 miles

Sunday – 5 miles, race pace