I’ve got Soul but I’m not a Soldier

Oh man, doesn’t that title take you back to 2004? Memories…

ANYWAY! I’m not here to discuss The Killers. I’m here to talk SoulCycle. I was recently invited to a blogger event at SoulCycle by my incredibly talented and beautiful friend Erin (BTW if you want amazing DIY ideas, top-notch fashion tips and delicious recipes, you should be following her here: Currently Coveting). I’ve previously not been a huge fan of spin classes. I love riding my bike, but I’ve struggled to enjoy class.

But this time, class was a blast! Abby, our fearless instructor, had a killer playlist. It was a 45-minute dance party that left my body feeling detoxed and my legs on fire!

If you haven’t been to SoulCycle yet, read a bit more about what makes them different from your average spin studio. Here’s what I enjoyed most:

  • Jams: I LOVE music. All kinds. Country, pop, rap, alternative rock. You name it. I love it. This class featured some of my pop faves: Beyoncé, Bieber, Gaga.
  • Dark + Hot: The studio is dark, lit only by candles which gives my competitive side a chance to relax and focus on myself, as opposed to all the riders around me. It’s also pretty warm in there and only get’s steamier as the class goes on. Mmmmm sweat it out!
  • DBs: I have scrawny little arms. So bringing dumbbells and a short arm session to the end of class is amazing. I didn’t just rock my legs and core, I felt that burn in my arms as well.

So if you haven’t yet, find a SoulCycle near you and give it a spin!

PS – I’ve been doing brand ambassador work for a line of compression apparel called Second Skin (more to come on the gear at another time). The tights were PERFECT for the sweaty sweaty class.


Soundtrack to my Life (or Workout)

Do you ever watch a movie and think, ‘damn, I wish I had a soundtrack to my life.’ Well, perhaps I am a weirdo, but I think that ALL THE TIME. I think that is because I am one of those people who associate memories and emotions with music. Everybody wants to feel inspired. I’m pretty sure that LeBron James gets what I am saying:

Unluckily for me, I have no literal sound cloud following me around. Luckily for me, I have an iPhone and an iPod. That will do… for now. I want to share some of my favorite workout tunes with you all, but let me preface it by saying that some of my musical choices are old and played out, and others are downright cheesy. Deal, alright? Deal.

A Typical Run/Cardio Playlist for Me: (shuffled) I tend to do some slower songs on my runs. If my music is too fast paced it gets my heart going and I am unable to keep my desired speed or distance.

  • Anna Sun – Walk the Moon
  • Wrecking Ball – Bruce Springsteen (In life, in general, this is my motivational anthem. It gets me going when I am at my lowest)
  • Triple Double – Girl Talk
  • Jungle – X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons
  • DayGlo – Igloo and Hartly
  • Work this Body – Walk the Moon
  • Cameras – Matt and Kim
  • Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen (perhaps we’ll talk about my love affair with The Boss at another point)
  • Up, Up and Away – Kid Cudi
  • We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus (Usually ends up with me dancing a little along the way)
  • I Wanna Get Better – The Bleachers
  • I can Lift a Car – Walk the Moon (This is my go-to hill song. It starts slow and quiet and gets my breathing right before I really crank it up)
  • She’s Like Texas – Josh Abbott Band (I’ve got a special reason for loving this song, but it’s also a nice slow one for cooling down)

A Typical Weight Lifting Playlist for Me: As I write down this list, I realize just how strange I am sometimes. Please, please, PLEASEEEE, if you listen to music while weight lifting, be conscious of how hard you’re slamming those weights down. Nothing bothers me more in a gym than weight slamming.

  • The Beast – Tech N9ne (If you’re easily offended, I don’t recommend anything by Tech)
  • Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen
  • Daylight – Matt and Kim
  • Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
  • Imma Tell – Tech N9ne
  • Let it Out – Girl Talk
  • Diane Young – Vampire Weekend
  • Miracle Mile – Cold War Kids
  • Unbelievers – Vampire Weekend

Ok, boys and girls, now that you’ve sufficiently judged my eclectic taste in music, run along. Peace out.

Random Playlists

Hey Homies,

I haven’t posted in a minute, so I figured I would post my last three SUPER RANDOM Spin playlists. They’re a mix of old and new, tried to incorporate all types of music from country, to dubstep, to rock, to rap. Spin-Cropped

I’m also working on a post about the amazing humans I do Boot Camp with three mornings a week. Thats’s coming your way soon.

Songs I’m feeling right now (new and old): I Don’t Really Care by Kalin and Myles, Becoming Insane by Infected Mushrooms, Heartbreaker by MSTRKRFT and John Legend and Marvin Gaye and Get It on to cool down to.

Ride 1:

Above and Below: The Bravery

All Day and All of the Night: The Kinks

All or Nothing: Fake ID

Becoming Insane: Infected Mushrooms

Bills: LunchMoney Lewis

Don’t Stop the Music: Bart B More

Don’t Turn the Lights On: Chromeo

Girl All the Bad Boys Want: Bowling for Soup

Jump: Kris Kross

White Noise/Red Meat: Dada Life

Superstar: Aeroplane

Tilt Ya Head Back: Nelly feat. Christina Aguilera

Mr. Birghtside: The Killers

Be My Escape: Relient K

Low: Flo Rida Ft. T-Pain

Leon On: Major Lazer & DJ Snake

Marvin Gaye and Get It On: TnT Bass

Ride 2: 

Aint No Rest for the Wicked: Cage the Elephant

Heartbreaker: MSTRKRFT (feat. John Legend)

Cross the Dancefloor: Treasure Fingers

Ballroom Blitz: The Sweet

Call 911: Florrie, Bart B More Remix

Bodywork: Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine

Fix You: Coldplay

Right Now: Akon

The Other Side: Jason Derulo

Come With Me Now: KONGOS

You’re So Beautiful: Empire Cast

Paralyzed: The Used

Wonderwall: Oasis (cool down)

Ride 3:

Love Me Like You Mean It: Kelsea Ballerini

Work This Body: Walk the Moon

Untouched: The Veronicas

Until You’re Mine: Demi Lovato

I Don’t Really Care: Kalin and Myles (My New Fave!)

Love Like Woe: The Ready Set

Don’t Want to Miss a Thing: New Found Glory

Trampoline: Kalin and Myles

Trouble: Gloriana

Worth It: Fifth Harmony

Heels Over Head: Boys Like Girls

Where’d You Go: Fort Minor

Until Next Time,


Summer Spin Favorites

As a Spin instructor and all around music lover, I am a firm believer that a playlist can make or break your workout. So, I want to invite you all into my world of music. I will post all of my playlists here. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc, shout at me on Twitter: @mollybruh or drop me a comment below! Spin Ride details: Mix of Endurance, Strength and Speed. Endurance: Keeping the same pace for extended period of time. The better your aerobic base, the better the rest of your ride will be! Strength: Includes hills and jumps. Speed: Flat road to moderate resistance, all out sprints. I hope you enjoy the tunes! Warm up: House Party: Sam Hunt Workout: Work This Body: Walk the Moon Are You Gonna be my Girl: Jet Booty: JLo, ft. Pit Bull Verge: Owl City ft. Aloe Blacc Waiting For Love: Avicii Jump: Kris Kross Fight Song: Rachel Platten King of Africa: Douster Whistle While You Work It: Katy Tiz Geronimo: Sheppard Runaway Baby: Bruno Mars It Girl: Jason Derulo Go Big or Go Home: American Authors Honey, I’m Good: Andy Grammar Cool down: Good For You: Selena Gomez Who You Are: Jessie J