So it has been some time since I have posted…October 16th to be exact. Whoops. If you don’t recall, I was training to qualify for the Boston Marathon. A month after my last post, I did just that! To say my body and mind were beat after four months of pushing myself to the limit would be an understatement. I 100% took advantage of my recovery time. I no longer avoided that last glass of wine that might not (heaven forbid) give me those special health benefits as advertised, I stayed up past 11pm (CRAZY), and I didn’t work out for multiple days in a row. The word moderation conveniently disappeared from my vocabulary.

Then came New Years. Time to check myself. I saw this Jon Gordon post and decided it was perfect for me. Instead of picking several outlandish resolutions, I will pick one word and relate it to every aspect of my life.

2016 = consistent. For those that don’t know me well, I am BEYOND inconsistent. I make decisions, good & bad, based on emotion and the rest is history (thanks Dad). The only consistent aspect of my life seems to be running. Everyday. That cannot be healthy, right? IMG_5411

I will be consistent with my workouts and actually lift weights more than once every three months. Ouch. Not running is so hard for me, therefore, I don’t do it. I will not be running Boston until 2017 so I better try new workouts while I can. 

I will be consistent with my eating habits and not have almond joys, pinot noir and jarlsberg for dinner every weekday night. I will eat more green things. Enough said.

I will be consistent with everyday choices and think twice on matters that are out of my control before I wig out. I love to get worked up with situations Mother Teresa could not solve, let alone Paige Greenberg. Time to let that nonsense go.

What is your word for 2016?

Week 2 & some hip help!

Week two, check! Mileage below.

Monday – 3 miles (8:44 pace)

Tuesday – 800M warm up, 5 x 1 mile repeats (7:03 pace)

Wednesday – 3 miles (7:31 pace)IMG_3224

Thursday – 2.5 Mile Warm up, .15 x 12 *See last post for more information*

Friday – Off

Saturday – 11 miles (7:45 pace) / Midnight on Mars 5K (7:45 pace – whoops!) I will provide more pictures/recap later this week!

Sunday – Off

A friend of mine sent over info below regarding my hip issues! If you are facing the same problem, check out Jasmine’s suggestions below! Really really awesome she took the time to write this up for everyone! Also, follow her here!

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I recently became a Doctor of Physical Therapy so when I saw that Paige was having hip issues I knew I had to give her some advice! Paige’s symptoms are common in most active people who sit a lot at work – sitting for most of the day tends to shorten your hip flexors, while also weakening your hip abductors and hip extensors. This combination can lead to problems and pain with running, but luckily there are a few easy exercises that can help!

  1. Your hip extensors include your gluteus maximus and hamstrings. Together they are responsible for driving back your leg with each step you take. A great way to strengthen these muscles, especially glute max, is the bridge. Lie down, squeeze your butt and lift it up 30 times. As this gets easier, transition to using only one leg at a time:

    hip 1
  1. Your hip abductors include gluteus maximus’ less well-known little sisters, gluteus medius. These muscles at the side of your hips keep your pelvis level as you run and prevent you from collapsing with each step. My favorite exercise for these is the lateral band walk. Walk sideways for 10 steps in each direction with a band around your ankles and repeat 3 times:
hip 2
  1. Lastly, your hip flexors, which include your quads, serve to bring your leg forward with each step, have probably shortened up over time, and need to be stretched out like a rubber band. Hold this runner’s stretch for 30 seconds, 3 times on each leg, while maintaining good posture:hip 3

Try these exercises out once a day and you should see improvements within a few weeks!

Torque Down for WHAT!

Week one of training is off to a great start & my life is officially hijacked by BQ (Boston Qualifier) training.

Monday – 3 miles / 5×10 lunges and squats

I am not sure the last time I ran 3 miles. WHAT. I have to say, it is super nice to get in a quick 24 min work out and retire to my couch for the Bachelorette watch party!

Tuesday – 5 miles

I gracefully melted into a giant puddle on Capitol Hill Tuesday. I was able to finish with a 7’53” pace but it was brutal. D.C. weather has been pretty bearable for my runs thus far, until this week. I think it is important for all of us to remember that in extreme heat it is OK/normal to run slower. Also, if you don’t use nuun tablets I HIGHLY recommend them. These tablets do wonders & can change your life.

Also, if you did not know…the more hydrated you are the less you have runners trots. I went there. Enough said, drink water.

Wednesday – 3 miles


I’ve had some reoccurring demons in my hip and groin since my last race in October, never enough to make me stop running, enough to make me question my health. I finally decided to have it checked out by a professional, not WedMd. I think I was putting it off due to fear? I often use this same method of thinking when checking my bank account. If you don’t look it is basically a non-issue! Right? Guilty.

I heard wonderful things about United Wellness Center so I opted to go there and see a Chiropractor. The doctor diagnosed my issue and worked on it for 30 minutes. I left feeling amazing and free of pain. The man was a wizard. More information on the type of treatment, ART, he fixed me with.

I am going to explain the issue in very simple terms because it is complicated.

Basically, I am having issues with my hip flexors and abductor muscles, derived from hip extension movement. The majority of the power in your stride comes from your hamstrings when driving your entire leg backwards. This is your hip extension.

Hip Extension Process: 

Foot hits ground

Leg drives backwards/beneath you

Foot hits ground again and motion ends

The power in this motion comes primarily from your hamstrings and this strength is the main factor for running faster. Most people have stronger quads than hamstrings. Finding that balance is key.

End point – I need stronger hamstrings but I am OK and this is not a major concern. PHEW.

Thursday – Flywheel


If you haven’t taken Flywheel it is 100% worth a try. This place is amazing and great for those that cannot do the whole SoulCycle do as you feel kumbaya-ish workout. Flywheel is based on numbers and the instructors do a great job of telling you exactly how much resistance (torque) and RPMs you should be working with throughout each song. I always leave knowing I got my moneys worth.

>> Sums up my thoughts on SoulCycle: http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2013/12/30/soulcycle_fatigue_the_exercise_craze_jumped_the_shark_in_2013.html

There is also a live Torque Board that calculates your RPMs and Torque to give you a Total Power score. The Torque Board is live and shows you where you stand in the class. I lose to my boyfriend every time and it is so upsetting. I workout much more than him and his legs are still stronger. Life is not fair.

**Don’t worry, you don’t have to participate in the Torque Board but it is a nice option for those that are super competitive.

Lastly, you can access more information online or via their App. It is a great resource to help you analyze each workout.



Do you like LaCroix like moi? Might be testing a few of these tonight!

Amy’s has a drive thru now!

Weekend Miles –

Friday – OFF

Saturday – 10 miles

Sunday – 5 miles, race pace

Marathon Monday

I am going to call this Marathon Monday (sans beer) because today is the day I kick off training for my second marathon – why hello emotional roller coaster, nice to see you again.

Brief History: I ran the Hartford 2014 Marathon andddd not to toot my own horn or #humblebrag BUT the whole experience was relatively easy for me AND my body. I underline my body because this is a HUGE part of training that I will touch on in the following weeks. I felt healthy day-in-and-day-out during training and did not experience any issues during my long runs. I also did not have a problem on race day. It was amazing to say the least. Best. Day. Ever. I was able to hit both of my goals, 1) Under 4 hours, 2) Negative splits the second half of the race. I finished at 3:49.


Boston 2017, I see you.

For those that don’t know, the Boston Marathon qualifying time for women my age (27) is 3:35. Running the Boston Marathon is the ultimate goal, therefore, I have decided to run the Philly Marathon in November and attempt to shake 15 minutes off my time. Shake it off, shake it off. Easier said than done T-Swizzle.


Throughout training I will log my experiences here in hopes you can learn a thing or two! Maybe even inspire you to sign up for a race (Becca included)!?

That being said, below are a few key nuggets I am pinning to my dashboard as I embark on this journey again. These are in no specific order, honestly, I need to do ALL of them consistently!

1) Speed. Eight minute miles are fairly easy for eight miles, what about 26.2? I did not focus on speed or mile splits last year. You will see a lot of speed work in my training this year.

2) Nutrition. I gained weight last year during training. Trust me, it is easier than it looks.

3) Weightlifting. Very little and very low weight. I have 0 breathing issues but my legs tend to get tired when I run faster.

4) Stretching. Do it. I literally did 10% of the stretching I should have been doing in 2014 = Bad Paige.

Stay tuned everyone!