Riding a Bike is not like Riding a Bike

On Saturday, I took my new road bike out for the first time. Today, I fell off my new road bike for the first time. Back in May of this year, I completed a century ride with my Dad, other than testing out the bike I borrowed for about 15 miles the weekend before, the 108-mile ride from Babylon, Long Island to Montauk was the first time I road a bike outside in 3+ years. Bike Shoes

I borrowed my mom’s friend’s bike, wore indoor soccer cleats because the pedals only had straps, and said “here goes nothing”.

Mile 1-25: My legs were dying, and I was confused why everyone else was just cruising. Then, I started playing with the gears a bit more and realized I had been on the toughest gear the whole time.

Miles 25-50: I was reading every Welcome to X Town Sign trying to figure you ifI knew anyone who lived near by and could pick me up. Also, it was absolutely freezing and pouring rain.

Mile 50-75: Straight chillin’. Got my second wind.

Mile 75-108: Complete Euphoria.

I was hooked. So, naturally, I got a badass bike. I call it the Dark Knight. I rode it for the first time with cycle shoes and all Saturday morning with my Dad– a pretty seasoned rider at this point.

I practiced clipping in and unclipping in the parking lot. I was pumped and ready.

“You ready to go?” asked my Dad.

“Yeah, let’s….” and over I went. I tried to clip in too soon and just tipped right over, landing on my left hip, bracing myself with my left hand, and getting sandwiched between the pavement and the bike. This, I remind you, was in the parking lot before the ride even started, seriously discrediting the phrase, “it’s just like riding a bike.”Ice

Then I rode 20 miles with my kick-ass Dad on some pretty tough hills. Now, I am icing my hand and mourning the loss of burpees and pushups from my life for a week or two.

All for now you fitness beauties…

– MB

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