It’s Your Workout

What’s up everyone? Becca and Paige kicked off this blog with awesome posts about creating their healthy lifestyles. I encourage everyone to check those out, because they are smart, wonderful and very different ladies with unique perspectives.

Sunrise, awesome people, sweat and tons of love.

For my first post, I would like to say something pretty obvious: Your Workout is Your Own. You might read that and think, well duh. But, here’s what I mean.

Too often, we (especially ladies) compare ourselves to others. Notice in Becca’s post, when she said “find your motivation,” she didn’t mention anyone else. It’s your motivation; do it for yourself.

Too often we look around the room and see everyone else’s strengths and only our flaws.

Too often we say beauty is on the inside and worry more about the outside.

Too often we chase after what we don’t have instead of honoring what we do.

Being a competitive athlete my whole life, it was only recently I learned that it’s okay to slow down. Every workout doesn’t have leave me completely exhausted.Every workout doesn’t have to be perfect. Every workout doesn’t have to be a competition with the person next to me. This is a still a work-in-progress, to say the least.

It’s your body, and it’s beautiful. It’s your health, and it’s your most important asset. It’s your life, and you only get one. It’s your workout, and you’re doing great.

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